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Tastier than chicken, healthier, more sustainable and cheaper than beef: duck is an oft overlooked dish that offers just as much joy as other meats.

The next time you’re after some, here are seven places to get the best roast duck in Singapore.

Like all animal meat, certain duck species are bred specially for consumption. Chinese cooking tend to favour the Peking sweet, which shares the same name as the famed dish and is prized for its high fat content. Others include Muscovy, a leaner variant that is typically used in European cuisines.

Then there are hybrids. Moulard is one of them, which is a cross between the Muscovy with Peking. Another is Silver Hill ducks from Ireland, which descends through Peking and Aylesbury ducks. They have a high fat-to-meat ratio and porous skin which usually, when roasted , results in tender plus flavourful meat that is sometimes referred to as “The Wagyu of Ducks. ”

Try Silver Hill at Tunglok , London Fat Duck and Duckland , where it’s the star in their roast ducks. Dian Xiao Er cooks the particular Peking with herbs, while Kai Duck does it the Cantonese way. Meng is a popular Malaysian restaurant that now has a home here, and Kam’s brings its famous Kong beef roasts meats right here. Read on for more.

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7 places to get the best roast duck in Singapore:

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