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Great Leap will be celebrating their 12th anniversary this month and as per tradition, the Karl Long Challenge will also be making a triumphant return. For those scratching their heads and wondering who Karl Long is and why does he have a challenge named after, here is the story as told by Beijinger Manging Editor Vincent last year :

“Back in 2010, when Great Leap was still in its infancy, Karl Long – who would go on to help manage GLB #12 for a time – showed up to the brewery’s original Doujiao Hutong location. At the time, they only offered eight beers on tap, and Karl elected to try all of them at once. Then he drank them all again, for a grand total of 16 beers in one sitting!

As the story goes, he got into an argument with a fellow patron who he mistook for Sabrina, of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame, after which he proceeded to remove his shirt plus unleash a menacing growl.

Thus the particular legend associated with Karl Lengthy, and the Karl Long Problem, were born. ”

This year Great Leap are making the challenge bigger than ever having a Nationwide Karl Long Challenge with the 8 cities where there are Great Jump branches participating. The cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Xi’an, Changchun and Anshan. The challenge is launching upon Oct 15, however due to certain *ahem* meetings happening in Beijing at the time, the Beijing Karl Long Problem won’t be taking place until Oct 29.  

For the Nationwide Karl Long Challenge competitors will need to drink 12 beers at four or more locations to receive “Great Step City Beer Champion” title and the first 20 people at each location to complete the challenge will receive a Great Start Brewery Wedding anniversary T-Shirt. Rules for the Beijing Karl Long Challenge have not yet been released, but normally the particular Beijing challenge requires fifteen beers to be drunk across all four Excellent Leap locations and all competitors who complete the challenge win a t-shirt.  

If you’re keen to take part in this particular year’s Karl Long Problem, we’ll be sure to report on the official rules once announced, so make sure to watch this space!

In other Great Soar related news, they’ve recently added four new items to the. As a Brit I am most excited about the addition of Fish and Chips to the menu. For their take on this British pub classic, they’ve got cod deep fried in a beer batter blended from their Long Oasis Kolsch balanced with freshly squeezed lemon juice served up with the side of chips.  

As big pizza fans here at the Beijinger , another new item we’re keen to try is the Roast Duck Pizza. Combining classic Beijing roast duck with one of their signature handmade pizzas sounds like a pretty stellar idea to me. The other two new menu additions are Onion Rings which, like the Fish and Potato chips, are dipped in a Long Oasis Kolsch beer batter and Chilli Beef Nachos. You can try out these latest dishes in Great Leap #45 and Great Jump Lido branches.

Good Leap #45
45-1 Xinyuan Jie,   Chaoyang District

Great Leap Lido
Rm 103, Nuo Center, A2 Jiangtai Road,   Chaoyang District

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Images: courtesy of Good Leap

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