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In our county, there are some magnificent places to order a cheeky takeaway from to enjoy when you don’t feel like cooking. Many Herts residents may be wanting to enjoy a delicious meal to end a difficult year.

But some may be celebrating the New Year with a tasty takeaway, so we at HertsLive have rounded up Herts’ best three Chinese takeaway restaurants, according to TripAdvisor. Restaurants will be filled with people across Herts and many areas in the UK so if you love Chinese language food, these will be right up your street to try if they’re near you.

In today’s modern world, having the likes of Tripadvisor to consult before you get dinner can be very handy. Seeing how other people have rated a restaurant can be very important for many when choosing where to eat and what to get.

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Chinese food has always held a special place in the hearts of us Brits and some may desire chow mein or egg fried rice to welcome 2023 with family and friends. With the New Year’s Eve celebrations a day away, here are the top three Chinese delivery dining places:

Chef Peking

Chef Peking is located in Harpenden

Chef Peking is located in Harpenden

Topping Tripadvisor’s list as the best Chinese language takeaway in the whole of Hertfordshire is Chef Peking. The restaurant is located in Harpenden and have been impressing guests with authentic Peking and Szechuan cuisine for more than 40 years.

Chef Peking is the premier Chinese restaurant in Harpenden , and has a four-and-a-half star out of five star rating. Out of the 566 Tripadvisor ratings, they have received 409 ‘excellent’ and 91 ‘very good’ ratings.

The cafe provides traditional flavours and they believe every dish tastes richer when served along with “heart plus warmth”. Whether you dine in or take out, Cook Peking has an array of Peking and Szechuan dishes with the care to make your meal an unforgettable occasion.

They serve numerous items from the following: seafood dishes, poultry, meat dishes, bean curd and vegetables, grain and noodles. They have also been given numerous positive reviews upon Tripadvisor by happy customers.

One reviewer said: “Our go to Chinese takeaway in Harpenden, already been going for years and usually very consistent. The crispy duck is particularly good! ” To purchase a takeaway from Chief cook Peking, visit their website here .

Old Town Chinese Restaurant

Old Town Chinese Restaurant is located on Stevenage High Street

Old Town Chinese language Restaurant is located on Stevenage High Street

Coming in at second on this list of Herts’ perfect Chinese takeaways is the Old Town Chinese Restaurant. The Chinese is situated on Stevenage Old City High Street.

Old Town Chinese Restaurant is one of the best eateries within Stevenage , and has the four-and-a-half star out of five star rating. Out of the 210 Tripadvisor ratings, they have received 119 ‘excellent’ plus 58 ‘very good’ rankings.

They serve various Asian food including chef specialities, seafood, king prawns, beef, chicken and duck dishes, sizzling hot plate dishes, Malaysian specialities, vegetable and bean curd, curry dishes as well as rice and noodle dishes.

One reviewer said: “We went for dinner to our favourite Chinese eating place, have been coming here for many years. We usually drive over for a good takeaway. The quality is always good and the same each time… good for leftovers the next day. ”

To order a takeaway through Old City Chinese Cafe, ring 01438 313600 plus collect on 122 High Street, Stevenage.


Regency Chinese Restaurant is located in Potters Bar

Regency Chinese language Restaurant is located in Potters Bar

Finishing off the listing of three ideal Chinese takaways in Hertfordshire according to Tripadvisor is Regency Chinese Eating place. The Chinese is located in Potters Bar and is one of the best restaurants in the area.

It has the four-and-a-half celebrity out of elegant rating upon Tripadvisor. Out from the 196 Tripadvisor ratings, they have got received 111 ‘excellent’ and 47 ‘very good’ ratings.

They offer genuine and innovative dishes and want to introduce lots of different dishes from all over China and further afield. Regency guarantees the use of only the finest ingredients in its meals, giving its customers superior quality and value for money.

The restaurant offers a large amount of Chinese dishes, including Hors D’Oeuvres plus appetisers, cook specialities, poultry, pork, lamb, beef, sea food, king prawns, curry meals, vegetable dishes as well as rice and noodle dishes.

Jason Hau, the owner of Regency will be from a family of restauranteurs with over 50 years of experience and have been in England for four generations. Their previous restaurants include:

  • Oriental Star, Cuffley
  • China Star, Cheshunt
  • Ken’s Restaurant, Cheshunt
  • Forest Hills Golf Club Restaurant, Newgate Street Village
  • Asian Express, Hitchin

One reviewer said: “I’ve travelled the world – including The far east – I’ve never had such delicious Chinese meals as I have had at the Regency. It’s owned (and the food is usually similar) to my other favorite restaurant, the particular Oriental Celebrity in Cuffley.

“The staff are lovely, professional and efficient. The owner, Jason, is definitely kind and a real gentleman. ” In order to order a takeaway through Regency, check out their website right here .


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