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Looking for the ultimate in Chinese food in the city? The just-revealed list of expert picks for Vancouver’s 20 Best by the Chinese language Restaurant Awards spotlights dining places, cafes, and bakeshops in and around town, including must-try dishes to help you order.

The Chinese Restaurant Honours debuts a new format with the 2022 honours, having restructured its categories and expanded its judging panel .  

“Vancouver’s 20 Greatest offers an authentic and heartfelt dining guide that represents the palate and taste of Chinese language and Taiwanese diners in Vancouver. A priority for Chinese Restaurant Awards, which has been running for fourteen years, is to keep evolving and reflecting diners’ needs, ” said Craig Stowe, Founder plus President of Chinese Restaurant Awards.

The results for 2022 are meant to serve as a “gourmet road map for locals and visitors, ” according to the awards.

Judging Chair Lee Man notes that the panel’s listing of recommended signature dishes  “will provide diners with an easy-to-follow guide to explore the best from each winning restaurant. inch

Additionally , the awards honoured  Chef Li Bo of The Fish Guy with the Rising Star Chef of the Year special award.  

Chinese language Restaurant Honours 2022: Vancouver’s 20 Best

Cafe of the 12 months: The Fish Man (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order:   Grilled Eggplant; Grilled Seafood Pot; Hong Kong Style Dungeness Crab; Sour Cabbage Fish Hotpot (Lingcod); Seafood Fried Rice; Spicy Fish Hotpot (Lingcod); Hot and spicy geoduck or razor clam; Wok-fried Manila Clams with Spicy Sauce

Best New Eating place: Once More Restaurant (Richmond)

Signature meals to purchase:   Beef pot; Handmade pork skin jelly; Northeastern noodle; Sweet corn pancake; Chopped peppered black cod; Chopped peppered fish head; Spicy pork stomach; Steamed egg plant with garlic

Greatest Fine Dining: Mott 32 (Vancouver)

Signature dishes to order:   Alaskan King Crab Meat, Egg White Deep-fried Rice, Lotus Leaf; Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck; Black Cod Dumplings, Pickled Chili, Radish, XO Sauce; Hot & Sour Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumpling; Maine Lobster “Ma Po Tofu”; Mixed Seafood Fried Rice, Golden Conpoy, Black Garlic; Signature bank Smoked Dark Cod; Stir Fried AAA Canadian Tenderloin, Bell Peppers, Asparagus; Triple Cooked Black Angus Short Rib; Wok Fried Whole Dungeness Crab with Fantastic Garlic, 180 Glutinous Rice, Preserved Sausage

Ideal Dim Sum: Dynasty Seafood (Vancouver)

Signature meals to purchase:   Baked BBQ Pork Pie along with Lemon; Cooked Minced Pig Pie with Black Pepper; Baked Entire Abalone Pie; Steamed Minced Pork & Crab Meat Dumpling; Steamed Black Truffle Dumpling; Steamed Crab Meats & Shrimp Dumpling

Best Vegetarian:   4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order:   Burdock & Vegetarian Meat Pot; Maine Lobster “Ma Po Tofu”; Classic Vegetarian Taiwanese Bao; Kung Pao Spicy Vegetarian Chicken Bento Combo; Seaweed mushroom bean curd roll; Tomato & Vegetarian Beef Brisket Noodle Soup; Vegetarian Health Pot

Best Cantonese: Dynasty Sea food (Vancouver)

Signature meals to purchase:   Baked Portuguese curry Alaskan king crab fried rice; Dark truffle beef brisket; Braised & grilled duck along with mushroom medley; Braised Japanese dried abalone; Roast duck with special sauce; Mix Fried BC Dungeness Crab in Typhoon Shelter style with Pan Fried Sticky Rice

Best Northern Chinese: Chang’An (Vancouver)

Signature dishes to order:   Chang’an Roasted Sweet; Cucumber & Cold Noodles in Chili sesame plus hot and sour sauce; Pan deep-fried chive pig dumplings; Pork belly sliders; Twice Cooked Rack associated with Lambs; Wok Fried Cumin Duck Bone; Wonton in Duck Soups

Best Shanghaiese:   Suhang Restaurant (Richmond)

Personal dishes in order to order:   Grilled Eggplant; Braised Pig Belly with Special Spices; Crispy Duck with Sticky Rice plus Meat Stuffing; Shredded Chicken and Vermicelli; Stir Deep-fried Shrimp; Sliced Beef within Chili Spices; Steamed Poultry with Wonton Soup inside Clay Container

Greatest Sichuan:   The particular Fish Man (Richmond)

Signature meals to purchase:   Grilled Eggplant; Barbequed Fish Pot; Hong Kong Style Dungeness Crab; Sour Cabbage Fish Hotpot (Lingcod); Seafood Fried Grain; Spicy Seafood Hotpot (Lingcod); Spicy geoduck or razor clam; Wok-fried Manila Clams with Hot and spicy Sauce

Best Hunan:   Geng Shi Ji (Richmond)

Trademark dishes to order:   Beef brisket with dried tangerine peel; Century eggs with eggplant; Chef Special with Pork belly, pig feet, mixed vegetable; Dong An design chicken; Oil-fried pork kidney; Original Chinese Chicken; Salty egg yolk crab; Spicy lamb; Stir fry bacon with bamboo shoots; Traditional Chinese tofu cuisine; Water-boiled fish in sour cabbage broth

Best Taiwanese: Memory Corner (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order:   Assorted deep fried appetizer platter; Deep fried cripsy chicken fllet; Fried crispy popcorn chicken; House special lamb hot pot; Taiwanese meat sauce on rice

Best Bubble Tea Shop: Exposure Drink + Socialhouse   (Richmond)

Best Hot Container Restaurant: Landmark Hotpot Home (Vancouver)

Signature meals to purchase:   Macao style Pig Bone Hotpot Broth Base; Stir Fried Glutinous Rice; Steamed scallops (or any style of seafood); Plum powder topped deep fried chicken wing; Steamed milk

Ideal Congee and/or Noodle Cafe: Max Noodle House   (Richmond)

Unique dishes in order to order:   Deep fried dace fish ball with clam sauce; Lo mein along with beef brisket/tendon; Poached Sliced up Beef; Wonton & dumpling soup; Wonton noodles

Best Hong Kong-Style Cafe: La Amigo Restaurant (Richmond)

Signature dishes to order:   Stir Fry Beef Noodles; Blackened Cajun Chicken Legs with spiced Tomato Cream Sauce; Charboiled (Angus Beef) New York Steak with; Black Pepper Marinade (Combo Meal); Pan Seared Chicken Hip and legs (Combo Meal)

Best BBQ Store: HK B. B. Q. Master (Richmond)

Best Dessert Eatery: The First Dessert (Vancouver)

Best Food Court Stall: Hei Rice Roll (Richmond)

Ideal Bakery Shop: Kam Do Bakery (Richmond)

Bonus: Establishments Rated “Worth to Explore”

  • Vancouver: Daisy Garden,   Jingle Tai Xiang Shanghai Dim Sum, Feel City BBQ,   Mckim Wonton Mein Saga, Shanghai Dumpling King,   Shoom Restaurant
  • Richmond:   Jade Seafood Eating place,   Tasty BBQ & Beer Bar,   Wu Fung Delicacy (Aberdeen food court)
  • North Vancouver:   Morning Star Bubble Tea
  • Surrey:   YL’s Curry Bowl

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