Spiritualite – Religion, Animism, and Totemism

Being a spiritualite has many meanings and forms. The term itself has changed and expanded over the centuries. These days, you can find different meanings of the term side by side. Let’s look at some of them: religion, animism, and totemism. Which one do you identify with?


The relationship between spiritualite and religion is a complex one. Both are grounded in the same fundamental ideas, but they differ in the ways they approach them. A spiritual person develops his or her beliefs through trial and error, and the process helps him or her develop his or her own truth. A spiritual person seeks to find meaning in his or her life, and it is possible to do so without being limited by a religious ideology.

Religion is a system of beliefs that a person must follow, whereas spirituality is an experience of the divine in solitude. While religion seeks to mold the character of a person by teaching them rules, spirituality seeks to inspire them to love and accept themselves and the world. A spiritual person looks at life as a journey, not a destination to be reached.


Spirituality is an expression of meaning and purpose in life. It involves beliefs about the nature of the universe, the expression of virtue, and practices that connect to the transcendent. Spirituality is a process that involves cultivating the body, mind, emotions, and energies. It can improve relationships, our work, and our lives by making us more connected to our purpose.

Essentially, spirituality comprises three axes: the first axis is comprised of beliefs and practices that promote connection. This is the starting point of spirituality and can be measured with validated instruments, such as the Spiritual Involvement and Beliefs Scale. The second axis deals with the mystical, which can’t be described in ordinary terms, but rather must be experienced.


Animism is a philosophy that believes the world is interconnected and that we are all part of a common culture. Animists believe that inanimate objects have personality, a social life, and a cultural life. These characteristics are what make them unique and give them spiritual meaning.

Animism is an ancient practice and is mentioned frequently in the Bible. The Israelites were commanded not to follow the practices of the nations around them, but the Egyptians were animists and followed many deities. The Bible also mentions animist gods in the book of Daniel.

Animists often question the existence of a high god and the notion of a universal creator. They also question the idea of territorial and ancestral gods. The animist view is immanentist, emphasizing the human connection to nature and good working relationships between humans and the environment.


Totemism is a form of spirituality that focuses on the relationship between a person and a spirit animal. This belief is widespread throughout the world. It is a belief that a spirit animal has the ability to grant powers to its owner. Animals may also be considered totems if they possess certain qualities that are related to the person’s personality.

Totemism can be a religion with numerous traditions. Some cultures, including the Indigenous Americans of North-West Canada, adhere to the concept. Other cultures, such as the aboriginals of Australia, have adopted a similar form of totemism.

New Age

Spiritualite in the New Age is a form of religion that promotes the use of meditation and other spiritual practices to raise one’s consciousness. Many of its practices are borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism. However, they have been modified and are more suited to the New Age. New Agers often speak of the concept of reincarnation, the idea that we are all one and are all born from the same spirit.

New Agers use spiritual practices to interact with “universal energy.” They use these techniques to heal and gain insights into different aspects of their lives. For example, Reiki is a popular technique for accessing the life force and is often used to cure physical ailments. Crystal healing, on the other hand, involves using crystals as a means of accessing subtle energies. These crystals can be worn or placed on sensitive areas of the body to improve health and reduce pain.

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