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Tastier than chicken, healthier, more sustainable and cheaper than beef: duck is an oft overlooked dish that offers just as much joy as other meats. The next time you’re after some, here are seven locations to get the best roast duck in Singapore.

Like all animal meat, certain duck species are bred specially for consumption. Chinese cooking tend to favour the Peking sweet , which shares the same name as the famed dish and is prized for its high fat content. Others include Muscovy, a leaner variant that is typically used in European cuisines.

Then there are hybrids. Moulard is one of them, which is a cross between the Muscovy with Peking. Another is Silver Hill ducks from Ireland, which descends from Peking and Aylesbury ducks. They have a high fat-to-meat ratio and porous skin which, when roasted, results in tender plus flavourful meat that is sometimes referred to as “The Wagyu of Ducks. ”

Try Silver Hill at Tunglok , London Fat Duck and Duckland , where it’s the star in their roast ducks. Dian Xiao Er cooks the particular Peking along with herbs, while Kai Duck does it the Cantonese method. Meng is a popular Malaysian restaurant that now has a home here, and Kam’s brings its famous Kong beef roasts meats right here. Read on for more.

(Hero and featured images: Duckland and Mark Ong)

7 areas to get the greatest roast duck in Singapore:

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Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er’s signature is their herbal roast duck, which they source from Cherry Valley farm in the UK. The meat is first marinated with herbs and spices for hours, then roasted until golden brown and crispy. The earthy herbal mix add complexity to the juicy meat.

Multiple locations around Singapore

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Duckland is a temple dedicated to the bird. They import premium examples directly from Metallic Hill, which is then roasted until crispy and tender. Whole plus half portions are available, and you can have deboned it for a small fee. Other dishes include Sweet Confit and Waffles, Duck Fried Rice, Spaghetti Sweet Bolognese plus Black Pepper Duck Pie.

Locations in Paya Lebar and Sentosa

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Kai Duck

The sister restaurant to Cantonese restaurant Kai Garden, Kai Duck serve beef roasts duck in a casual, contemporary setting. They do their roast duck Cantonese-style, and also offer Peking Sweet, duck sliders, duck hand rolls plus Sliced Peking Duck with Crackers.

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Kam’s Roast

Kam’s Roast started in Hong Kong in 1942, and soon became the destination for Cantonese-style roast goose. Due to transfer regulations, beef roasts goose is not available in Singapore, but their duck is just as worthy of a visit. Roasted until golden brown, glistening and crispy skin give way to succulent meat underneath.

(Image credit: Kam’s Roast/Facebook)

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London Body fat Duck

London Fat Duck marinate Sliver Hill ducks in herbs and spices before caramelising them in the oven. Besides their own signature London Roast Duck, they have an Italian truffle version plus Black Spice up London Sweet Bun, which usually feature sensitive duck filling encased within a peppery crust.

Areas around Singapore

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Meng Roasted Duck

Meng is a popular JB spot for roast sweet that opened across the Causeway in Ang Mo Kio. People come for the  Roasted Sweet with Chinese language Herbs, that is tender and moist with a natural sweetness and savoury herbal aroma.

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Tung Lok Peking Duck

Tung Lok sources their ducks from the premium Silver Slope farm, that they stuff along with spices plus cure for two days. Before roasting, the particular bird is basted having a mixture of red dates and spices, then cooked inside a traditional stove until it is crispy, smoky and succulent. The Peking Duck is the highlight, but the Roast Irish Duck is equally delicious.

Places in Orchard and Bukit Timah

(Image credit: Tung Lok Peking Duck)

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