Crispy Roast Duck Recipe – Tasting Table

Once it’s rested, it can time to cut up that duck! It’s really not difficult, especially with Zygaityte’s easy way of doing it. First, snip off the kitchen twine from the tied legs with kitchen area shears. Remove the stuffing, and transfer it to a serving bowl. Holding one leg by the tip, use the shears to cut away the lower-leg from the body. When you feel you’ve hit bone, bend the drumstick back, and it will pop right out. Repeat with the other drumstick.

Next, use the shears to cut off each wing. And finally, snip down the breast bone plus separate the two halves. Now, that couldn’t be simpler. Arrange the potatoes, shallots, figs, and pears on plates along with portions of duck, plus spoon a little stuffing along the side. Enjoy a beautiful wine to complement this magnificent feast for a holiday or any special occasion that calls for an elegant meal.

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