9 Gordon Ramsay-Approved Methods For Easy Holiday Dinners – Daily Meal

Turkey is a popular holiday main course, and yet it can be one of the most difficult to cook. It takes hours to prepare and warm, and if you aren’t careful it will go from raw to burned during that final hour or two. Even talented home chefs struggle to keep a turkey’s white meat moist. Fortunately, Gordon Ramsay has a solution. Instead of focusing on keeping moisture in during the cooking process, this celebrity chef suggests adding in more.  

For added dampness and flavor, you can create a butter mixture including citrus zest, garlic, herbs, and pretty much any other seasoning you like to cook with your turkey. By putting this on top of plus under the turkey skin before popping it into the oven, as well as adding more over and under during the cooking process, you can preserve some moisture. Another trick? Draping bacon strips over the turkey. Yes please.  

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