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Shortcut Peking sweet pancakes

SBS Food editor Camellia Aebischer shares her shortcut version of the classic Chinese dish. M aking soft, thin Peking duck pancakes at home is so easy you can make 30 at once with minimal effort. Talk about a strong return on investment!

Five spice sweet noodles

Aromatic five-spice powder is used extensively in Hong Kong cuisine and is beautiful as a seasoning for fatty duck meat.

Duck larb

There is no doubt that a good larb is a little complex, with lots of ingredients – but with bags of flavour, it’s worth the effort. Lemongrass, lime leaves and good fish sauce are essential elements along with the roasted rice, which is what larb is all about.  

Sweet sang choy bao

Being a fattier meat than chicken, duck sang choy bao is just that more delicious. With ginger, cloves plus honey, it’s slightly sweet and has plenty of umami.

Sichuan beer sweet

This fragrant duck dish combines the sweet and numbing heat of Sichuanese spices along with fresh aromatics, all braised together in a light beer sauce. If you’re a fan of Sichuan cuisine, this is one meal you can’t miss.

Lap mei fan (Hong Kong cured duck rice)

This traditional Chinese clay pot  dish serves up a variety of cured meats with a homemade sweet soy sauce.  

Duck à l’orange

This is a dish best planned in advance, as it requires two days of marinading to give the duck the most intense orange flavour and such incredible tenderness. Well worth the while!

Duck with bamboo shoot curry

Duck makes for an excellent curry meat, absorbing the garlic and ginger marinade overnight and cooked slow for a tender meal.


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